Thursday, July 15, 2010

6th. Stroke

Today was a good day so I decided to go with the color yellow. One of the things I'm working on is being more in control of my moods on the not so good days. I was reading a girls blog earlier and she had a cool idea. What she does each day is writes down three positive thoughts. She writes them on her blog but anyone could take a couple minutes and just write them on some paper. It doesn't even have to be about you. Any three positive thoughts. You here people say "if you tell yourself something enough times you'll believe it". Why not make that statement true and start having more good days? I'm going to try it. I would be interested in knowing about other methods that are working for other people. Thank you -Josh


  1. my three good thoughts:
    1. i know how to apologize for my mistakes
    2. i love my family and feel loved by my family
    3. i am thankful to have my health

    thanks for reminding me to think about positive things. i guess some things that work for me are to listen to crickets, and peepers and little small noises at night that are comforting as usual going to sleep is a very hard time for me. that is one thing that can help me feel more okay and settled. glad to hear you had a good day.

  2. my question is are you going to put all your strokes on one piece of paper? how would they all fit? are you going to have lots of pieces of paper? i think either way is cool but in life we keep sort of restarting while also layering on so i think if you have new paper once and awhile it is a good metaphor for how we regenerate. just a thought..... (:

  3. Naomi, You have asked the right question to the wrong answer. They are stroke of acrylic paint on a canvas. I can't tell you how it will come out but I do know that it will have grown with me day by day over the next year and hopefully for the better. -Josh
    P.S. What's a meta for?