Monday, July 12, 2010

3rd. Stroke

‎7/12/2010 Monday 3rd. Stroke.
I decided on green today because it seems like a positive color. Fresh and healthy like new growth. For that reason I feel it is appropriate in first stages of this project. When I see green plants or trees I think about the great oxygen they are giving off. I am learning how to be mindful the value of these things. If you are stressed breathing can always help. So slow down and
appreciate a tree for allowing that to happen. -Josh


  1. i definitely need to breathe more often and slow down, and i love trees. and cows, you know that josh, especially baby cows. so prescious. and they also give us good air, with their poo air, haaa. just kidding, but yes, good appreciation to acknowledging that we are alive and can keep living. i love turquoise green the best.

  2. We easily forget little things because they are just happening all the time. It's amazing how simply pausing and realizing that these things are happening all around you can change the whole perspective on whatever we are caught up in at the time. More than half the time the things that bring us down are incredibly insignificant. Love Josh