Wednesday, July 21, 2010

12th. Stroke

Today's color is bright aqua green. I thought it would look nice slicing through the dark green and the blue.I tried a experiment today that had a nice result. I told myself that I was going to get ten people to smile today and keep track. By doing this I figured it would constantly keep me in the moment and thinking of something positive. Well I would have been wrong. It kept me in the moment but I choose my number way to low. It is amazing how positive things are if you choose to see them. -Josh


  1. Hi Josh,

    Add me to the list of people you made smile today! I was away for a few days and I hadn't checked the blog since last week, but it is so wonderful to see how it is developing. Thank you for this inspiration!! glenn

  2. i also smiled, and love the idea that you tried this.... i will try it too. it is like an experiment to make others recognize us in a positive way, and to see what type of influence we can have, both on us and others.