Thursday, July 22, 2010

13th. Stroke

‎ Lucky number 13. Some like this number and some don't. I guess anything can be given different meaning or power which can represent the whole scale from good to evil, to protect or cause harm, just like this number. What I have done is given it a color and that color is orange. -Josh

1 comment:

  1. i like this color orange a lot, more than the last. it is bright and surprising and curvy. i don't know about the number 13. i have mostly been partial to even numbers, especially the number 4. hhhmmm. anyhow, i love how the project is coming along and it was real cool to see it live in your room, and see how actual it is in your life, a real constant project. today i have been thinking about how being alive is so strange, we just get used to being here and often, most of the time, or all of the time, forget to simply be appreciative of our thoughts, relationships that are ok, whether many or few, and just that we are here. here is not often so easy or peaceful but i guess i was thinking that it is simply a privilege to just exist.