Saturday, July 10, 2010

1st. Stroke

I think red represents my excitement for this project. The stroke itself is kind of weak and shaky. I think it could represent fear that I'm just being manic right now and I won't have enough drive and spirit to follow through with this or that I will become paranoid about what people think. That is one of the many reasons feedback is so important to me. Thank you. -Josh


  1. Josh
    What a wonderful idea this is! For me maybe it will be a place I can share my support of you and your struggles, something I haven't been very good at.
    PS I like the red.

  2. i have posted a few times and it did not go through and so i think i needed to create a gmail account in order for it to work. however i was saying that i love what you have created and am thankful to be invited to be a part of what you are sharing each day. i am proud to be connected to you my wonderful brother, and witness you sharing your growth and the way the colors mean something to you, and how your strength and dedication to checking a certain moment each day can make other people think. i think it helps me to check in and read what you write each day in order to, as you mentioned, slow down for a minute and check in with myself also, as life can be so hectic and overwhelming sometimes. what you are creating is great, and as many artists, creating out of hardship and struggle can really express to other people how in fact strong and resilient you are and will continue to be. i believe this is yours however it is a gift to all those you invited in order to have the privilege to have insight into your experience. thanks, i love you!

  3. Thank you Naomi. Your words have and always will mean so much to me. Love Josh

  4. Hi Barb. Thank you for checking out my blog. I am excited about doing this and getting your comments. We all have our struggles and as you will be showing me support in mine maybe this will add some color from time to time in yours. Love Josh

  5. I know you started this ages ago (and I know you don't know me) but I wanted to go to the first post and say what a wonderful and different idea this is. I have read a couple of your posts and think this is a very interesting blog. "A story or comment that you think is small may be huge to someone else just like one stroke on a canvas." - very clever :)