Friday, August 13, 2010

35th. Stroke

Friday the13th. I heard #13 is suppose to be lucky for us Irish people but I feel as though I still remain stuck in a rut. The color is a request and does not reflect my mood. -Josh

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  1. haa. i thought about the friday the 13th and then realized that hey! our mama was born on the 13th and she is great... so i don't think of it as unlucky, but as you are saying, as possibly a good thing. it didn't seem to make much difference either way though and my day was kind of normal, not great or real bad, just kind of in the middle. we put a lot of attachment to numbers, dates, and all other things too. smells, noises, memories, etc. i wonder how much we rely on all of those things to get us through each day,and whether they actually serve us positively or not. good to think about though.